Saturday, May 5, 2012


If only I could hold your face
If only I could wrap up the light in your eyes
and put it away


                    against mistaken words
                    against parting
                    old age

                    against all human loneliness

We say that love has no beginning and no end
We know such love
          flowing out of itself like a river
          that meets and parts and meets

                    It's for that love
                    our eyes shine

          But oh for that time of parting
          for that time we are not ever
                    sufficiently shored against

tell me how to hold that precious light

Take my hands and bless them
          as they bless what they long to keep

Holding by Robert Grant Burns
The New Yorker, Dec. 18, 1971


  1. That is a beautiful poem and so descriptive of the telling absence that we all feel.

  2. I keep coming back to this poem and wonder at how beautifully the poet put what we all know and many fear. blessings on the journey Andy