Saturday, April 7, 2012

And the Dance Goes On

When Rahima's daughter Mira left yesterday to return to Australia, she gave me instructions, things she knew her mother wanted for me. One was that I go dancing. So I did.

Last night, I returned to the contra dance at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, the place where Rahima and I met and where she gave her "Save the Last Dance for Me" farewell dinner/dance/fundraiser on February 24. An article about that event appeared in the Friends of the Guiding Star Grange spring newsletter.

Feb. 24, 2012 - photo by Roger Katz
It felt hard to return, but right. The kindness of my friends helped. I put her dance shoes on the stage in tribute to Rahima.

The hardest for me was the waltz, a dance that Rahima and I had always reserved for each other. In fact, the photograph shown here is my favorite of the evening. It shows us weeping while waltzing. It proved to be our last. We were immersed in deep love and loss, overflowing with gratitude for each other. I was amazed by her fortitude. Earlier I was uncertain that Rahima would make it to the event at all, let alone dance.

Last night it was good to be in the swirl of the dance again. I kept looking for Rahima in the line as was my habit. I didn't find her, but I did sense her presence—turning with delight. And the dance goes on.


From "Save the Last Dance for Me" (Feb. 24 )
  → Video by Will Loving

What are your memories of the "Save the Last Dance for Me" party? Or of Rahima dancing?


  1. I also was struck by Rahima's extraordinary fortitude and courage in making every step count, and in enabling all of her many friends and acquaintances past and present to dance the final dance with you both.

  2. Dear Andy,
    Just read your journal in reverse chronology, most recent to the first. With every word, your journal reveals a man full of love -- not just for the lost beloved, but for all of life.
    Gary and I were married this past September at Woolman Hill. Ours vows are on paper - written in my hand, decorated by my daughter, signed by all present - and we repeat them to each other often. I am sure the fields of Woolman Hill still vibrate with the power of our union and the support of our community. May it speak to you, Andy. May Rahima's gifts to you continue to reveal themselves, slowly enough for you to cherish each one.
    With affection, Leslie

  3. Thanks for posting pictures and video on here, really glad to have them. Also, GOOD JOB P.P! Glad you went and this is a great blog entry.

  4. Andy, I'm glad that you found the strength to return to the Grange, as it seems, that is what Rahima would have wanted. I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I hope that her continued presence at the Grange my remain an inspiration for all.