Sunday, April 8, 2012

What about that Program Cover?!

What about that program cover? Well, it was all Rahima's idea. She wanted to go out with a splash, so for the front she chose an especially apt poem by Mary Oliver:


May I never not be frisky,
May I never not be risque.
May my ashes,
when you have them, friend,
and give them to the ocean,
leap in the froth of the waves,
still loving movement,
still ready, beyond all else,
to dance for the world.

~Mary Oliver

To that she added a fanciful picture of herself wearing the mermaid suit that she had purchased online. Yes, that's really her body. This photo was made in our living room on February 24, the day of the dance party. I did some Photoshop magic to add the shell and beach scene which is her actual "mermaid put-in spot" in Scituate, Massachusetts.

Likewise, she gave specific instructions for the back: a diving tail in between the words, "Thank you for coming to my Mer-morial Service," and, "The End."

In typical fashion, Rahima mapped the whole thing out. It was my job to make it happen in a brief period of time, which I did with the help of a friend who has superior graphic design skills. Thanks, Sue! The final result was fabulous and brought a smile to many an eye.


What other "splashy" things do you remember Rahima doing in her lifetime? What was the effect of these surprising turns?

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