Monday, April 23, 2012

Hiking with Rahima

Hiking was a big part of the life that Rahima and I shared. Our first date was a hike. Throughout our time together we made regular jaunts on the local trails. We took overnight hiking trips with the kids. We also had aspirations for more grand adventures reflected in the items pictured here: Rahima's passport and three guidebooks.

The book about New England waterfalls came up in one of our first conversations on the dance floor. I had shown her a picture that I took of a waterfall and she said she wanted to hike to all of the waterfalls in New England, she even had a guidebook. I said warmly, "I'll go with you," a comment that surprised and delighted both of  us.

Last November, we made reservations to travel to Scotland to hike the Southern Upland Way, the coast-to-coast route through the Scottish Highlands linked by a series of lodges. It was a trip that Rahima had attempted to make years ago but had to cancel due to a family crisis. When it became apparent that she would not be making the trip this time either, she encouraged me to go ahead.

So now I've invited my brother Bob to join me and he's game. I think it will be magical, hiking with my brother in the land of our ancestors, and bittersweet. Rahima will go with us in spirit and I will be reminded that I had a partner who loved to hike as much as I do, if not more.


What part does hiking play in your own life? What do you think about making plans that go unfulfilled or fulfilling a plan in a new way?

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