Friday, June 15, 2012

Greenfield Public Schools—Rahima Wade Award

Table at Greenfield High School
with photo of Rahima and a student,
June 7, 2012
This month the Greenfield Public Schools honored Rahima at its annual volunteer recognition breakfast, an event that she had previously organized. The Volunteer of the Year Award has been renamed the Rahima Wade Award in her memory.

At the gathering in the high school cafeteria, Rahima was remembered for her contributions to the school district over the last few years: directing the volunteer program, assisting the principal of the middle school, supporting new teachers, helping to promote the schools through the local media, and introducing a variety of enrichment programs. The most successful of these was the Pen Pal Project which matched more than 100 citizens with students in the 6th Grade. A team led by Joan Joshi carried the project forward. It culminated last week with a party at the school when the pen pals got to meet face to face. It was fun to see my charges, Jack and Zack!

These events were reported in three separate articles that appeared last week the Greenfield Recorder, our local paper. Rahima's influence in the schools is still felt and appreciated.


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