Monday, July 16, 2012

The Kite: A True Story

I once lost a kite to sea. A gust of wind yanked the spool right out of my hand. I was crestfallen as I chased the runaway spool into the surf until I could go no further and the kite fluttered down toward the water, well out of reach.

Then the waves grabbed the spool and to my amazement the kite lifted skyward again. It was flying on its own, further out to sea, soaring and darting from side to side, until another gust pulled the spool out of the water and the kite drifted down only to rise again.

I watched the kite sail away in this manner, repeatedly flying, fluttering down and rising up. Farther and farther to sea it went until I could see only a speck of light dancing on the dark horizon. Then it was gone.

How far the kite flew I do not know. In a sense, it just kept on flying.



  1. Beautiful and true, tearful and hopeful.

  2. I was right there with you in this poem. My thoughts were with you yesterday when you were in Scituate with Rahima's family.

    When my sister and I were flying a box kite, the string ran out and I learned it wasn't actually tied to the spool. So, off went the kite, and I'm sure it travelled as far as the next continent! I sent my wishes and dreams with the kite.